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I’m Andy Cresswell, the founder of Whisper Louder and also your host for the next five minutes. Thanks for your interest in collaborating with us.

We are looking for original, unique perspectives and ways of dealing with common problems faced by business owners, digital marketers and SEO professionals..

We welcome experts from various niches with unique insights and techniques to share their knowledge with our readers.

How to submit guest post ideas?

Before we agree to publish an article, we will first need to agree on what you will be writing about. Rather than limit yourself to one potential idea, please send us a few ideas that you think we will like that way, you can increase your odds of catching our eye and standing out from everyone else.

Topics Covered

Our primary goal is to help our readers grow their businesses online with validated, authoritative news, how-to’s and infographics on the following topics;

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To submit a guest post request to us, please use the form below to introduce yourself and the ideas you have for placement on our blog. If you don’t hear back from us within 14 days, please do follow up.

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    What happens if one of my ideas is approved?

    I personally review and read every submission to our blog, but we also get a lot of spam, as you can imagine. To ensure your request gets seen, make sure to read our guidelines in full. It’s the only way to get your submission approved.

    Guest Post Guidelines

    • Be yourself! No one like a robot so please, don’t be afraid of being yourself
    • Make good use of headings, sub-headings, bullet points, lists and blockquotes
    • Deliver content with a minimum word count of 1750 words
    • Include relevant media such as images or videos to support your article
    • Provide sources to your content such as images, videos or quotes
    • Don’t advertise your business
    • Include a your name, short biography and a headshot
    • Bonus points for linking to Whisper Louder internal content

    How to get your guest post declined

    • Any submissions with spelling or grammar issues.
    • Walls of text that are not formatted
    • Overly promotive pieces that are clearly intended to improve your SEO
    • Plagiarised articles; This includes content posted on other websites.
    • Low quality spun content