About Whisper Louder

I’m Andy, The founder, editor, designer, developer and…..wait, I think you get the point – I currently handle every aspect of the site and I am also a tech writer for performancepsu.com. I started Whisper Louder because I decided to change careers and didn’t want over a decade of learning and experience to waste. So, I created this blog to share my knowledge and hopefully save business owners some money while helping them understand technical jargon a little easier.

Being self-taught, I have always felt like I needed to try that little bit harder. I felt like an imposter and still do to this day to an extent despite having several awards under my belt for my graphic design and programming contributions towards clients projects over my career.

During my learning journey, one thing that has become clearly evident to me, especially in marketing and SEO, is that – 98% of the content on the web leaves key details out. Normally the type of key information one could call The Special Sauce.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few key authorities out there that do provide quality content, but they have an alternative goal in mind – sell you a product or a service.

I don’t want to sell you my services. I don’t want to sell you one of my products – all I want to do is preserve the knowledge I worked so hard to acquire.

Topic I Write About

Are you interested in contributing to my blog? Are you prepared to leave self-promotion at the door and provide genuine value to my readers as a priority?

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